Why buy when you can DIY?

Contessa Crafts is a site by a creative soul and is for crafters everywhere. I made this page to help bring fun and creativity back into the home. In a world where most everything is made by a machine, sealed in a box, then once it’s in your house it sits on the shelf collecting dust. Now, it may look pretty, but wouldn’t be that much better if you made it yourself? When someone asks where you bought it you can say, “Oh, that? I made it,” and smile as you tell the story about how you and the kids had a craft day one rainy afternoon instead of telling them you got it on sale at some department store.

If you can buy it, you can make it and make it your own. It’s so simple! How many times have you seen something in the store and thought something like, “Wow, that would look great in the living room above the mantle, but the size is all wrong, and the color doesn’t go with anything.” Those days are over!


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