Tip of the Week: Save Your Medicine Bottles

This week’s tip is inspired by my dear friend Eylissa of Starry Eyed Designs. She’s a major beader, and she knows how frustrating it can be when you have loose beads. When we started beading together on our craft days, I learned quickly that beads and findings are tiny and I needed to be organized or I’d go nuts.

Two pill bottles containing jewelry findings

She showed me that saving your perscription bottles is an easy way to keep things neat and tidy. Also, the things that you use to sort out your pills for the week are awesome to have on hand! Plus they’re a lot cheaper than buying bead organizers, your kids can’t get into them, and if they drop, your beads don’t go flying everywhere. Go green! Recycle  your pill bottles!


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I'm Stephanie, the Contessa of Contessa Crafts. I have a wealth of crafting knowledge and ideas that needs to be shared. Let your creativity show!
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