Wednesday’s Etsy Find: Fabricate By Anna

This week, we are featuring Fabricate by Anna. The seller, Anna, creates lovely accessories, purses and bloomers for the little girl in your life. In her Burlap and Floral Fabric Flowers, she plays with delicate floral patterns and the deep texture of burlap to make her flower pins. They’ve got the feel of a doll your grandmother would have, and yet still elegant.

Everything in her shop is handmade, not just assembled as you see in so many Etsy shops. There is thought and feeling behind each piece just like this pink fabric flower. Truly handmade items are what I love about Etsy and this shop.

My personal favorite item is the Owl Necklace. It’s earthy and fun. Described as “adding a studious air to the nature theme” I think it would make a fantastic addition to any book worm’s jewelry box.

With prices that range from $2-$20 you’ll be sure to find exactly what you want and at a price that won’t make your jaw hit the floor. Fabricate By Anna also does custom orders!


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I'm Stephanie, the Contessa of Contessa Crafts. I have a wealth of crafting knowledge and ideas that needs to be shared. Let your creativity show!
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3 Responses to Wednesday’s Etsy Find: Fabricate By Anna

  1. fabricatebyanna says:

    Thanks so much for featuring me!
    Your blog is beautiful, nice work!

  2. Really great looking accessories. 🙂

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