Tuesday’s Tip: Write it down.

If you suffer from a bad memory, like me, this tip is for you!

When you’re working on a project and take a break from it, do you come back to it not knowing what you were doing? I know I do! What helps me is when I take a break for a few days from a project, I write down what I was doing, why I stopped, what I need to do next and what I need to buy for it. You can keep it in a notebook or write it on a post-it and pin it right to your project. It saves so much time down the road and so you don’t need to hit the restart button on your project!


About Contessa Crafts

I'm Stephanie, the Contessa of Contessa Crafts. I have a wealth of crafting knowledge and ideas that needs to be shared. Let your creativity show!
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One Response to Tuesday’s Tip: Write it down.

  1. Brain games help with memory!

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