Make it Monday: Flower Topiary

Flower Topiary


So, I was sitting there, thinking of ideas and writing them in my idea notebook that I could share with you all, and it came to me. Flower topiary. You know, like these green moss spheres (made by the crafty minds at Nesting Place)? They’re classy and earthy, qualities I adore, but I think they need a little something special for spring!

While these are lovely, they're just begging for a splash of color!

Sure, the green is natural, and elegant, but I live in the Pacific North West. It’s been a long, wet winter and anything and everything is covered in green moss. You can see why I would need a punch of color, especially since it’s officially spring and the weather is starting to get nice!

Let’s get started, shall we?

First off, you’ll need the following:

  • Dowel, length depends on how tall you want your topiary.
  • Small flower pot
  • Fake flowers
  • Twine or yarn
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Whiffle balls. That’s right. Whiffle balls.
  • Floral Foam
  • Rocks

First, glue your floral foam in place (also cut your dowel if you need to), and find the center of the foam and stick your dowel in. Glue it in place.

Slide a whiffle ball down the dowel and mark where you want the bottom to sit and where the top of the ball is.

Glue a ring around the base of your dowel, tie your yarn or twine around the dowel and slide it into the glue at the base.

Now we begin to wrap the dowel. Just wrap it quickly, as seen here, then push it down the stick. Adjust as you push it down so it doesn’t look lumpy.

Once you’ve got an inch or two wrapped, glue a small spot on the dowel and wrap the yarn around the glue spot, once it’s hardened, continue wrapping and gluing.

Once you get to the mark you made, put a dab of glue on the dowel and wrap around the mark to give your ball a base to sit on and do the same on the other pen mark, only not as thick. Keep wrapping the stick until you get to the top. Tie off the yarn and slide the first ball into place.

Now tie the yarn back onto the dowel and wrap it thick. Put the second ball in place and glue the heck out of it. You should even use a hole near the base to make sure it’s glued from the middle. Hold the ball steady until the glue hardens.

Glue a ring around the base of the flowers that you just pulled off the wire. The kind that have a little plastic stem, as shown in the picture above, work best.

Stick a flower in just about every hole. Depending on how full your flowers are, you may not have to fill each hole.

Glue the rocks into place. This part can get boring, but keep in mind, you’re almost done!!

Flower Topiary, perfect for spring!!

The finished project. Beautiful! The perfect decor accessory and splash of color to start your spring off right!


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I'm Stephanie, the Contessa of Contessa Crafts. I have a wealth of crafting knowledge and ideas that needs to be shared. Let your creativity show!
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3 Responses to Make it Monday: Flower Topiary

  1. readysetlove says:

    Love this! Thanks for sharing!!


  2. Looks great, but I prefer live flowers. 🙂

  3. Amy says:

    cute! Thanks for auditioning for American Crafter- good luck:)

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