Wednesday’s Etsy Find: Enderby Designs

First things first: What is Etsy? If you’ve never heard of Etsy and you’re a crafter looking to try and sell your products, you need to check it out. Etsy is basically like ebay, except it’s specifically for handmade and vintage items. Only 20 cents to list an item and Etsy only takes 3% from the sale. It’s really inexpensive and free to sign up.

Enderby Design's "Autumn" Capelette

This week’s featured Etsy shop is Enderby Designs by Meg Allan Cole. Meg Allan Cole is one of my personal crafting heroes, and until a few months ago, I had no idea about her Etsy shop! I’ve watched her on ThreadBangers and I’ve seen all the things she’s made and the thought “She makes a lot of stuff, I wonder if she has an Etsy shop” had never once passed through my mind. I’ve even seen her in one of Etsy’s How Tuesday videos! That is, until I saw an interview in an issue of Snippets from the folks at Cut Out and Keep. Ever since that day, I’ve been in love with her items in her Etsy shop.

Enderby Design's Little Red Riding Hood Capelette

Enderby Designs is described as “…a one-woman, earth-friendly design company that makes lovely things for you and your home.” As if I didn’t love this shop enough! First off, it’s got super cute capelettes and aprons, and on top of it all, it’s earth-friendly. Anything earth-friendly automatically gets a gold star in my book!

The totally upcycled "House Work Makes Me Pop Pills" apron. Love it!

Earth-friendly, adorable designs, and yet, there is one apron that caught my eye. Not only is Meg herself modeling it, but it’s got a bit of twisted humor to it that looks me straight in the eyes and screams “BUY ME!!” Don’t expect the “House Work Makes Me Pop Pills” apron to be in her shop much longer. I’m in love with it and have an extra hook in my kitchen that has been begging me for weeks to buy it!

Capelettes by Enderby Designs

The thing I love most about Enderby Designs is that I look at it and think “Wow, that’s amazing.” Then I read on about it and see that it’s all upcycled and that, to me, implies that one can make something fabulous and still be kind to the earth. Rock on, Enderby Designs. And if you’ve read this far and haven’t checked out the shop yet, what are you waiting for?! Click HERE!!


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  1. Beautiful styles for spring!

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